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Terra Folia

Terra Folia is a private, family-owned Costa Rican rainforest preserve Posito - swimming holelocated two hours north of capital city San Jose in the Caribbean lowlands. On the northeastern border of Braulio Carrillo National Park which boasts one of the highest levels of species diversity of any rainforest in the world, we protect some 700 acres (280 hectares) of mixed primary and secondary montane Atlantic rainforest at an altitude of 1600 feet (500 meters).

More species of birds (340) have been identified in the area surrounding Terra Folia than in all of Europe. Bring your rainjacket, rubber boots and binoculars. To see most of the incredible array of wildlife we must go on trail and, yes, there is plenty of rain and mud, but even if you stay at your cabin some of the wildlife still will find you. But don't worry; most are hummingbirds, oropendulas, toucans, and monkeys.

In May 1997 we expect to complete the first of our new MONKEY HOUSES(TM) which Monkey House layoutare innovative, low-impact facilities for naturalists wanting an intensive rainforest experience. We named our first one El Bobo after a lovely Broad-billed motmot which apparently nests nearby.

For those who prefer a more traditional set-up, you can always stay at one of our original cabins near the pineapple nursery at Patas Peladas where toucans or White-faced monkeys sometimes call you for breakfast. At either place, after breakfast we will take you on an invigorating walk deep into the richest, most sensual environment in the entire world: Welcome to the tropical rainforest!

La Ronda

La Ronda is a small ecological homestead (15 acres) located eight miles north of San Jose on the new Caribbean highway and just one mile away from Volcano at Braulio CarilloBraulio Carrillo National Park, a 1000 square kilometer protected reserve which boasts one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world.

For our guests La Ronda is a refuge from the pangs of industrial society, your first 'window' on the rainforest as you prepare to take those first exciting steps into the spiritual and biological "cathedrals of light." La Ronda is also home for our family--my wife, four children, and I--and our beloved horses, dogs, rabbits, ducks, and chickens.

At La Ronda we raise organic fruits, herbs, and vegetables for seed, barter and sale, maintain a small experimental nursery and botanical garden, promote 'deep' ecology, and sponsor friends of the environment like Outward Bound.

La Ronda provides habitat for an outstanding array of butterflies, birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, and plants right in our backyard. In 1991 we reforested two acres along a native spring in front of the main house. Already the alder and eucalyptus trees reached 15 meters (50 feet), and we have seen a significant impact on the local native ecology.

For friends who visit La Ronda/Terra Folia, in 1995 we built a lovely guesthouse El Montanero (Guard of the Mountain) on a grassy knoll with a wonderful view of the Three Sisters of Cerro Zurqui. Our guesthouse is a short walk to our small apple orchard and a pristine mountain stream in dense forest. If you want more, we'll be happy to take you into the beautiful, verdant national park bustling with sensations of another world.

Rates for Staying at Terra Folia/La Ronda
All prices include 3 meals per day -- See NOTES

Couples: (18 and older) $75 per day
Adults: $40 per day/Children 14 and under $25 per day

BACKPACKERS (18 and older)
$25 per day

Substantial discounts available
Possible academic credit


  1. All prices include housing, food & transport.WaterFall
  2. Naturalist guides, horse tours, and special catering are extra.
  3. All prices include a 10% contribution to our FOREST FUND which helps preserve the quality of wildlife habitat directly through our reforestation program.
  4. Anyone willing to do specific nursery work and/or trail maintenance will receive a 10% DISCOUNT from the published prices.
  5. Transportation is provided by tractor/covered wagon, four-wheel drive vehicle, or horseback, depending upon your requests/special needs and the size of your group.
  6. All charges are payable in local currency at the official exchange rate.

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