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Follow our photo tour of Terra Folia Rainforest Preserve and La Ronda Organic Farm. Below read the captions for all the photographs included in the web site.

Click on the thumbnail to see the larger version. Enjoy!

Typical rainforest trail Trails through the forest are often dense and not easily navigable. In the rainy season, standing water accumulates.

Buttressed base of Rainforest treeMany large rainforest trees have thick buttressed bases, since shallow, tropical soils prevent deep roots. This rainforest tree at Terra Folia has a Strangler fig attached which eventually will consume its host and grow very large.

Favorite swimming hole"Posito," one of our favorite swimming holes at Terra Folia, is located near an old prison trail in Devils Canyon, so-named for its dense forest and rugged terrain.

Lover's LipsThe Lipstick plant (Rubiaceae family), or "Lover's Lips," is a unique plant found at Terra Folia.

Stained-Glass Window PalmThe Stained-Glass Window palm (Geonoma epetiolata) is a CITES-listed endangered species. This plant occurs only at Terra Folia and its immediate surroundings.

Blue Jeans frogThe lovely "rana venenosa" or "bluejeans frog" (Dendrobates pumilio), is one of many species of Poison-dart frogs which are native to tropical rainforests. This particular species is very common at Terra Folia, especially after it rains.

Tiger RiverA breathtaking view of the Tiger River.

Volcano near Braulio Carillo NPA view of Arenal volcano, one of the world's most active, located just three hours north of the capital city San Jose.

Monkey house exteriorMonkey House insideAn outside an interior view of our new Monkey HouseTM rainforest cabins.

Catarata waterfall"Catarata", a magnificent large waterfall an hour and a half walk from Terra Folia.

Buttressed base of Rainforest treeBonnie and Jill give dad a hug at the front door of their home at La Ronda.

Chispa and Filly with JillIn the barn at La Ronda, Jill grooms "Chispa" and new daughter "Filly".

Hachiko in the rainforestHachiko Ueno, veteran of the Costa Rican rainforest, is one of three Akitas in the Chatham family. Here he is in Braulio Carrillo National Park near La Ronda.

The Chatham familyThe Chatham family -- Bonnie Marie, Rick, Anna Barbara, Maricela, Richard, and Jill Shannon -- at Rio San Rafael near Terra Folia.

Rick and MariRick and Maricela near Arenal Volcano where their family often visits.

Rainforest canopyCross-section of mature forest along Gaucimo River.

Stolen LogPoachers removed this tree illegally from our property at Terra Folia.

Stolen log on truckAnother shot of the giant taken from our rainforest illegally.

A trail of damageA trail of damage and destruction left on Terra Folia from the illegal log harvesters.

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