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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the uniquely democratic Central American country with no standing army, a wonderful climate, and an educated population with a penchant for Costa Rica mappolitical neutrality (no standing army) and conservation of their rich biological resources.

Ecologists have identified 22 distinct micro-climates in Costa Rica which protects about one-third of its national territory in public parks and private preserves, thereby explaining how a small, mountainous republic provides habitat for almost ten percent of the world's orchids, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

To reach Costa Rica from any major city, first check with your travel agent or the airline directly for special fares and promotions. Any time of year is appropriate for travel to Costa Rica. Some gateway cities from the USA are Miami, Dallas, Houston, and Los Angeles.

The Chatham Family: Stewards of Terra Folia and La Ronda

The Chatham Family Terra Folia and La Ronda are owned and operated by the Chatham family, consisting of Rick and Maricela Chatham and their four children, Anna, Bonnie, Jill and Richard. All three daughters will attend college in the Fall--Anna is a Psychology major at North Carolina State University; Bonnie is a Biology major at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and Jill will be a freshman biology major at NCSU in August. Son Richard will graduate from Elkin (NC) High School in two more years.

About Rick Chatham

For over 20 years Rick has worked in agribusiness in Central America. Since he first arrived in Costa Rica in 1975 he Rick and Mari Chatham has worked to develop export markets for ramie, pineapples, and other agricultural commodities in North America and Europe.

An avid adventurer since childhood Rick now serves as an advisor to the North Carolina Outward Bound School . Both Terra Folia and La Ronda sponsor NCOBS' expeditions and service projects in Costa Rica. Rick, his family, and friends have always enjoyed exploring the wilderness wherever they go.

While in the U.S. between family and business, Rick gives "raintalks," educational slideshow presentations about the Costa Rican rainforest, targeting civic groups (eg. Kiwanis, Rotary, Commerce), schools, libraries, and garden clubs to educate others and promote support for forest conservation north and south.

To learn more about Terra Folia and La Ronda please send an email or contact us at:

Terra Folia, Inc.
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USA tel/fax: (910) 835-5101
Costa Rica tel/fax: (506) 268-8585
Warm Regards,
The Chatham Family

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